Most Small Businesses Today Need to Pay Attention to Reviews on Google

Just about every small business owner can appreciate receiving more website visits without needing to do much or pay anything in return. That simple fact accounts for much of the persistent popularity of search engine optimization, or SEO, a technique that frequently produces long lasting dividends with relatively little upfront investment.

Many informed, ambitious small business owners see to the basics of SEO themselves today, and that can easily be a sensible, justified approach. At the same time, dabbling part time in this fairly involved, technical discipline will mean needing to at least occasionally confront some questions that might be challenging to answer.

One of the most common of these today among SEO-savvy business owners is “do google reviews help ranking?” Understanding the answer can easily be one key to making the most of whatever amount of time an entrepreneur decides to devote to SEO.

Reviews on Google Matter Quite a Lot for Most Locally Oriented Businesses

As with many subjects, there is not actually a single answer to this question that will cover all possible businesses. In practice, though, many smaller businesses will, without a doubt, want to focus fairly intensively on their own google reviews.

The reason for this is that many small businesses cater to inherently local markets to at least some extent. It turns out that reviews posted on Google matter by far the most for such companies, for at least a couple of different reasons.

One of these is simply that Google users who are searching for local businesses tend to rely more upon reviews than those who are thinking of patronizing much larger, better established brands. As a result, Google incorporates the number and positivity of reviews left by its users fairly directly into its calculations when this locally oriented style of intent has been established.

Keeping Up With Reviews on Google Will Often be Effort Well Spent

That means small businesses will tend to see their website pages climb higher in the Google results as they accumulate more reviews from satisfied customers. It also means that Google users will be more likely to click those links when they actually see them.

As a result, just about every small business that has any kind of local presence will want to be sure of cultivating plenty of reviews on Google. Other types of small businesses can benefit themselves, for analogous but slightly different reasons.


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